Healthy Monday: Running in the morning (during Fall season)

Hi loves, 
This is why I like to run in the morning.. 
Prepare yourself for a lot of pictures. 
 Because not even If I would use a 1000 words, I can't discribe the feeling it gives me when I'm in contact with nature.
The pictures are made on different days. Each day there's another painting to enjoy. Here are some of them..

It was all misty this day. Weather was perfect! Not to cold, not hot and it wasn't raining. What more can you ask for? 

This was actually when I was done. Sun is rising. A beautiful, beautiful picture. 

These pictures are randomly taken, but the all show a beautiful scenario.

And.. last, but certainly not least.. This little beauty. I was a little late that day, it was almost 8 am, but this view kept me going. 

And of course.. running in the morning really helps me to start my day of right. Even If I go for just 15min.

Love, Mih.

How did you like the pictures? Do you run in the morning? Or maybe at another time during the day?


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